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HR Tech
Jobble puts the power of recruiting and managing an on-demand workforce in the hands of companies and agencies. You get the operational efficiencies of a staff management platform plus a professional and vetted on-demand workforce, with ratings and reviews by former employers. In just a few clicks you can handpick a workforce that best fits your ne
Internet of Things
TetraScience is mission control for R&D. With TetraScience, you connect your existing lab instruments to a single online dashboard where you can manage experiments and access data. Easily connect the dots between data, insights, and outcomes. Some of the most prestigious R&D teams use TetraScience to help them be more productive, compliant,...
Intuition Robotics
Artificial Intelligence • Hardware
We founded Intuition Robotics with the goal of positively impacting our everyday life through natural, helpful, and exciting new experiences powered by our technology. While our roots are in supporting older adults stay active and engaged, we've always been focused on the bigger picture: to define a new relationship between humans and machines. We’...
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San Fransisco
Edtech • Fintech
Finnest is a mobile banking application and secured debit card that helps school kids to experience the world of digital money by letting them participate in it. Learning how to handle money is an experimental process rather than a tutorial one and Finnest provides this “learning by doing” experience to kids and their parents.
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Machine Learning • HR Tech
Jobgator is a Machine Learning/AI startup that gives candidates an edge when applying for jobs by telling them how to write their resume. Jobgator also automatically delivers top jobs to candidates that match their skills, cultural background, and beliefs.
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