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Storytelling: Build Trust as a Leader by Klaviyo Sr PM

Aug 21
06:30 PM - 08:30 PM

As a Product Manager, you’re responsible for delivering products and features that both delight customers and move the company closer to its top-line metrics. However, how do you know whether the individual features you ship each sprint or each quarter are successful? Learn about the most important advice here:

- Storytelling should be proactive. Staying ahead of the curve is a necessity as a PM, but proactive stakeholder management can often feel like time-consuming overhead. By crafting a strong story that you share early and reinforce often, however, you can eliminate the need for more heavy handed stakeholder management tactics. 
- Storytelling should be planned. Making decisions with incomplete information and coming up with compelling ideas on the spot is familiar territory for a PM. To own the end-to-end narrative about your product and how you work, however, you need to plan ahead and develop consistent themes that help you tell this story. 
- Storytelling should be personal. A good story is simple, relatable, and — perhaps most importantly — tailored to its target audience. Spend time learning who key stakeholders at your organization are, what each stakeholder group wants to hear, and how they want to hear it.

 Meet the Speaker: Alexandra Edelstein

Alexandra is an economic development, entrepreneurship, and technology enthusiast with a background in Law. She is obsessed with finding elegant technical solutions to complex customer problems. Currently, she is leading product for the Marketing Automation team at Klaviyo.

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Location of Event

Product School Boston | 711 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA, 02111
Product School Boston | 711 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA, 02111

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