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Webinar: Jason Huggins: Ask Me Anything About Robots In Automation

Organized By
Ministry of Testing: Boston
Jan 15
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

The Ministry of Testing would like to invite you to their next Ask Me Anything webinar, the only event where you can literally ask the speaker anything. Want to ask about a research paper or book the speaker has written? About something you gleaned from the speaker's Twitter feed? About the speaker's latest pet project? With a whole hour given for these sessions, almost all questions get answered!

Register here:

January's AMA Speaker is Jason Huggins (, creator of the first version of Selenium while he was at ThoughtWorks, Co-Founder and former CTO of Sauce Labs, and founder of Tapster Robotics ( which uses robots created to test iPhone and Android apps.

Sample questions you can ask:
* Why would a tester need a robot?
* What can robots do that Appium or Selenium can’t do?
* What are some scenarios where a robot is the right tool for the job?

Jason talked on Joe Colantonio's Test Talks podcast about Selenium's creation back in January 2018:

Jason also talked about with Joe Colantonio why Jason Huggins created Selenium, detailing some of the problems he was trying to solve:
* Video:
* Transcript:

What is Tapster?
* Techcrunch: Tapster's robots are built to poke touchscreens:

To see Tapster robots in action, check them out on YouTube:

More on Jason Huggins:

Jason Huggins on Startup Life in CA and CHI, and How He Scored Twitter Handle @hugs[email protected]hugs

"Chicagoan Jason Huggins is many things. A founder. A coder. An ex-Googler. A robot builder. A fixer of


"Huggins is a Chicago entrepreneur who has had one foot in the Windy City and one foot in Silicon Valley for the past decade. In the early 2000s he worked at ThoughtWorks, a Chicago-based software development company. There, Huggins created Selenium, a software testing tool for web browsers and applications. Basically, Selenium makes sure your code works on your site across all web browsers. Selenium earned Huggins what he calls his 15 minutes of tech fame, particularly from the software testing community, and in 2006 Google came calling.

"Huggins moved from Chicago to Mountain View where Selenium was used mostly in-house to test things like Gmail and Google Maps. But even with the new gig, Huggins and his wife still couldn't leave Chicago for the Silicon Valley tech scene full-time.

" 'I always kept it as a short-term thing,' he said. 'I rented out my house (in Oak Park) and we rented a house in Mountain View. We always had this idea that we were going to come back to Chicago.'

Then in 2008, Huggins met his co-founders for what would be Sauce Labs, a startup that basically took what Selenium was doing for Google but made it available for other startups looking for software testing. SauceLabs would be headquartered in San Francisco, but Huggins made it clear he would be working out of Chicago.

" 'I told (my co-founders), "We can start this. I can totally be your implementor of these thing. But I’m moving back to Chicago."'

"So for two years Huggins worked as Sauce Labs' CTO from Chicago and traveled once a month back to California to meet with his team. Huggins is a self-described ideas man rather than a manager of talent, so he was happy to leave those duties to his co-founders. [...]"

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