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Operations Lead

| Waltham
A bit about us: 
We’re on a mission to change healthcare — how it’s paid for, delivered, experienced. We want to put people center stage, not process or profit. We are guided by a deep belief that every person on Medicare should be treated like we would treat a member of our own family: with loving care and a profound commitment to their health and well-being. 
That’s why we’re gathering a whole bunch of smart, big-hearted people to create a new kind of healthcare company — one that combines compassion, health insurance, clinical care, and technology seamlessly. 
We want to throw the long ball with people we love for a cause we believe in. Life is short. Join us.
A bit more about this role:
We are looking for a great operations mind, who wants to take a fledgling company and make it run blissfully smoothly in a complex setting. Help us to build a world-class, innovative house-call practice. Make it ready to scale nationwide.
This position represents an amazing opportunity for an ambitious early-mid career operations-guru with stock-and-flow ops chops, leadership skills, a commitment to caring for under-served populations, an interest in innovative care delivery models, and an entrepreneurial streak.
The Operations Lead for Devoted Medical Group (DMG) will spearhead our efforts to build DMG’s first house call medical group. This house-call medical practice will deliver multiple different clinical services, including: i) home-based wellness visits designed to screen for new medical problems, deliver evidence-based chronic disease care, and help Devoted Health Plan to achieve 5 star performance as a Medicare Advantage health plan; ii) longitudinal home-care for home-bound, medically complex frail elderly members of our health plan; and iii) post-discharge home visits, phone calls, and coaching as part of a re-admissions reduction program offered to Devoted Health members who were recently discharged from the hospital.
The Operations Lead will work closely with Devoted’s clinical leadership (based in Waltham, MA) and DMG’s clinical delivery team (first launching in Florida) to design a scalable operating model for the house-call practice, identify and troubleshoot barriers to delivering outstanding, personalized, scalable care, and work to anticipate the next needs across the organization.
The Operations Lead will be expected to communicate frequently with team members over Slack (our company communication platform), monitor performance across all our platforms, and to participate in frequent huddles with Devoted’s clinical and care delivery teams.
Devoted Health is committed to helping the Operations Lead learn and gain the experiences needed to achieve his/her career development goals, which might include pursuing opportunities at more senior levels of leadership at a payer or provider organization.
Here are some of the responsiblitles for the role:

Set up and maintain a smoothly running house call medical group in our launch geographies:

  • Ensuring our patients receive top quality care, clinically and practically - this means making sure our care delivery teams have everything they need, every time, to do this well, and that they (and you) can see transparently anything that is not going well
  • Setting and monitoring KPIs to ensure this care is consistent, efficient, and adaptable
  • Responsibilities include optimizing systems for: recruiting patients, intake, scheduling, routing, equipment, visit workflow, visit staffing, documentation, post-visit workflows, triage, weekend and evening coverage. This complements systems level work such as maintaining compatibility with our legal and compliance obligations, optimizing our technology systems and data access, and ensuring we have the right vendor ecosystem
  • As a start-up this role requires a ‘do-whatever-it-takes’ mentality to getting things up, running, and set up for constant improvements

Monitoring Quality, Efficiency and Optimizing DMG’s operations:

  • Make sure we have access to all the data we need to surface any issues, and that there are no hidden work-ques
  • Relentlessly monitor our key processes to ensure everything is running smoothly and when there is a snafu-- or your spidey sense goes up-- chasing down the outlier until it is successfully resolved and fixed at a systems level. Re-working systems to ensure they work well, every time
  • This encompasses everything from hand-executed on-the-ground clinical and office workflows, our scale-able technology and equipment, to our staffing and in-house vs outsource choices

Learn and Iterate -- fast:

  • We will learn more in the first months of our launch than we ever could at a whiteboard
  • Ensure that all our new learnings are captured
  • Provide input to allow our technical team to update systems to improve operations and meet our patients needs (We update our systems on hourly to daily cycles)Plan for longer term system overhauls as needed
  • Support our front-line staff as our systems mature and change to match their needs

Readying DMG for Scale:

  • Our focus is first on getting the unit model right, next on making sure it works well in a given geography, and then on making sure it can scale nationwide. 
  • Ensuring our unit model is not overfitted for Florida
  • Ensure our geographical county-wide learnings can scale to different places
  • Enable the essential elements of our model-- no matter how high touch-- have the capacity to be brought to new areas quickly and successfully
  • Build operations that are streamlined for rapid-succession launches in new locations and among new providers
  • Our systems have baked-in an awareness of how markets and constraints change as we look elsewhere

Supporting Devoted Health leadership:

  • Synthesizing key learning points about how to build, operate, and scale a high quality house call program for leadership in Waltham, MAAs requested, assisting with recruiting, hiring, and training of other DMG staff
  • Using clinical process and outcomes data and feedback from other team-members and in-market providers to evaluate performance and opportunities for improvement at the practice-level

Attributes to success:

  • You're an entrepreneurial self-starter able to help build a new house call business from scratch
  • You think operationally, both in setting up smooth and efficient mechanics and using metrics to rapidly get better
  • Learning and not being afraid to fail - that's how you're wired
  • You have a passion for making healthcare better, solving complex problems, and supporting the delivery of healthcare that you would want for your own family You enjoy a fast-paced, high-energy, growing organization
  • Agility and collaboration are critical to your success - we are a new organization and have a start-up mentality
  • Thinking about the big picture is key for you, but YOU sweat the details
  • You understand how different healthcare operations models work, the implications of a mobile house call program, and how to measure and track care quality and efficiency, and what it means to be ready for scale
  • You have great practical and interpersonal judgment

Skills and experience:

  • Operational expertise with 5 or more years experience
  • Preference for operations specialists who has helped run house-call medical groups or run dispersed-operations programs
  • Experience taking a small start-up to scale across multiple geographies
  • Significant experience setting up, monitoring and iterating on models using stock and flow analysis and fast improvement cycles
  • An all-around athlete who is undaunted by new topics, subject matter or challenges, and can get-smart-fast on fresh topics with little hand-holding
  • Pattern recognition about what will work and will not work based on years of launching and improving systems
  • Experience managing teams and collaborating with engineers, data scientists, clinicians and front line staff

If you love running towards complex challenges and transforming them into solutions, if you want to make a potentially huge impact on many lives, and if you are looking for a disruptive startup with an inspiring and talented team, Devoted Health may be the place for you! 

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