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Community Events Manager

Greater Boston Area
3 hours ago
The Community Events Manager is the creative and strategic lead behind our many offline events, including our customer workshops and cornerstone annual event, Klaviyo:BOS. Klaviyo:BOS (pronounced “Klaviyo Boston”) is our largest gathering (500+ attendees) of the Klaviyo community — last year we had 3 conference tracks, 30+ talks, and a super fun afterparty. You will own the planning, budget, entire project plan, logistics, promotional plans, and execution activities of all offline events and work with the Marketing team (and outside consultants) to create highly engaged and exciting experiences. And when we say engaged and exciting experiences, we mean it — our events continue to register industry-leading NPS scores of 80+ from our awesome attendees, with the last one clocking in at 94.

Director of Support

Customer Success Manager

Product Expert

Onboarding Expert

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Customer Support & Implementation Specialist (…

Greater Boston Area
8 hours ago
WordStream is looking to hire a Customer Support & Implementation Specialist! As a Customer Support & Implementation Specialist, you will work directly with customers to help them optimize their success with our products, by supporting software set-ups and training and onboarding of new customers and handle support requests from our Customer Success Team for their clients needing assistance. This role with work directly with clients in their website environment and with providers, to correctly install conversion tracking codes. This role requires excellent communication skills as well as patience in dealing with a non-technical audience. This role is a hybrid between a customer service representative and a web developer -- and an excellent opportunity to join a rapidly growing team who works hard with fun times! Please note that the schedule for this role is Monday-Thursday (2pm-10pm) and Friday (9am-5pm), where this position works with our customers within different timezones.

Chief of Staff

Cogo Labs
Greater Boston Area
9 hours ago
Shadow Mira to develop an understanding of overall business strategy and operations. Monitor Mira’s calendar for upcoming meetings/events as well as her email inbox to make sure it is organized, conflicting commitments are rescheduled or delegated, and nothing slips through the cracks. Add structure to meetings and obtain meeting materials in advance. Develop charts, data visualizations, and/or prototype simple tools and software products. Within three months, attend meetings on Mira’s behalf, gather relevant information for decision-making, understand the context for discussion, and report back. Develop an opinion of what should come next, recommend a course of action, and assist in implementing next steps. Within six months, take lead on one or more strategic project(s). Delegate when necessary to the appropriate people to complete tasks or projects on Mira’s behalf. Follow up on assigned work and ensure timely, high-quality execution. Lay a strong foundation to take on a senior role at Cogo Labs or a Link Ventures portfolio company in the next stage of their career.

Engineering Support Specialist

Cogo Labs
Greater Boston Area
9 hours ago
We are looking for an entry level Engineering Support Specialist to join the team in serving the needs of internal customers. The Engineering Support team monitors and maintains various pieces of the infrastructure used by these teams as they grow inside the incubator. We serve as front-line support for any problems the teams have, including triaging tickets and escalating issues as necessary. We're not looking for a specific set of hard skills, but the tenacity to learn as you go and the analytical mindset to do it quickly.

Director, Facilities

Cogo Labs
Greater Boston Area
2 days ago
Cogo Labs is searching for a proactive leader with experience in facilities management to lead and build this area of our operation as we continue to scale in all areas of our business. We use a wealth of data to build companies and are expanding aggressively in the Cambridge, MA area with future plans beyond. Our physical space is a mix of high energy collaborative efforts and comfortable focused workspaces, that help us build success stories like CourseAdvisor, Autotegrity, Hopjump, and Everquote. We are not afraid to invest in a top tier environment and are looking for someone who can make sure we're doing everything we can to provide a top-notch working environment. We are data driven in everything we do and our facilities investments are no different, measurable results count!

Client Support, Panel Operations

Greater Boston Area
3 days ago
Our “panel” is the set of people who have our attention-monitoring equipment installed in their home, and the Panelist Success Specialist will ensure all panelists are provided with a friendly, consistent, and best-in-class experience as participants in the TVision Viewership Study. Working in conjunction with the rest of the Panel Ops team, this role will: manage compliance, conduct troubleshooting and effectively resolve support tickets and inquiries through multiple channels including email, incoming and outgoing telephone calls, and ticket platforms.

Digital Account Manager

Greater Boston Area
3 weeks ago
In the dark ages of game development, UX and UI was an afterthought ... Hey, how many bullets are left in my clip? Where do I turn down the volume? I need to combine some reagents - those three, right? Is it my turn to move? Is that the enemy’s health? Where’s her mana? How close am I to hitting my level cap? Is my guild talking to me? Is that my level or my rarity? Is that currency in a stack of ten or a hundred? ... Now we know better. Demiurge Studios needs an artist who understands interaction design subtleties while delivering visually stunning, deceptively simple interfaces. And while you’re at it, figure out that bullets-in-the-clip problem too.

Operations salaries in Boston

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
Customer Support Rep $45,190
Min: $36K
Max: $83K
Customer Support Manager $52,286
Min: $42K
Max: $67K
Office Manager $52,682
Min: $37K
Max: $87K
Sales Operations Analyst $53,600
Min: $45K
Max: $62K
Operations Associate $57,000
Min: $39K
Max: $73K
Technical Support $60,223
Min: $40K
Max: $109K
Desktop Support $65,083
Min: $31K
Max: $91K
Business Analyst $73,020
Min: $43K
Max: $114K
Business Intelligence Analyst $74,250
Min: $61K
Max: $110K
Client Success Manager $75,192
Min: $45K
Max: $130K
Marketing Operations Manager $75,875
Min: $48K
Max: $110K
Operations Manager $88,952
Min: $39K
Max: $148K
Senior Business Analyst $90,567
Min: $69K
Max: $108K
Sales Operations Manager $104,625
Min: $76K
Max: $160K
Director of Operations $132,457
Min: $48K
Max: $200K
Director of Customer Success $142,333
Min: $75K
Max: $190K
Vice President of Operations $150,333
Min: $125K
Max: $186K
Vice President of Care $159,167
Min: $120K
Max: $250K
COO (Chief Operating Officer) $195,273
Min: $95K
Max: $340K

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